Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name

I talked in another post about how we have a long list of names.  My favorite is Mira Cole, but there are quite a few doozies!  Can you come up with any we haven't listed?

Barney Cole (barnacle)
Black Cole (black hole)
Clavy Cole (clavicle)
Cuba Cole (cubicle)
Cutie Cole (cuticle)
Cy Cole (cycle)
Cyny Cole (cynical)
Eunice I. Cole (unicycle)
Far Cole (farkle)
Fick Cole (fickle)
Folly Cole (follicle)
I. Sick Cole (icicle)

Mechany Cole (mechanical)
Methody Cole (methodical)
Mira Cole  (miracle)
My Cole  (Michael)
Nick Cole (Nichole)
Obsty Cole (obstacle)
Ora Cole (oracle)
Party Cole (particle)
Pick Cole (pickle)
Pop Sick Cole (popsicle)
Rady Cole (radical)
Recepty Cole (receptacle)
Ring Cole (wrinkle)
Sick Cole (sickle)
Sir Cole (circle)
Spring Cole (sprinkle)
Tabernack Cole (tabernacle)
Tenta Cole (tentacle)
Testy Cole (testicle)
Theology Cole (theological)
Tick Cole (tickle)
Trick Cole (trickle)
Un Cole (uncle)
Ventra Cole (ventricle)

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