Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why I Can't Watch Smash: a Rant

I was messing around on Hulu, trying to find a new show for some mindless alone time, when I decided to try out Smash.  Let's face it...I'm a sucker for good music, and there's some really great songs on there.  And it's about musicians trying to make it on the great Broadway.  Who doesn't like a Cinderella story?

But there's also a lot of cheating.  I know, because I read Wikipedia, which has to be factual, right?  ;)  (I mean, it's part of the character definitions--who cheated on whom and with whom.  Not sure I'm using whom right there, but you get my drift.)

Why?  Why does cheating have to be such a predominate theme in pop culture?  Why do shows, movies and books have to make it such a seemingly normal thing?  Is it just because it's forbidden and therefore exciting?  It's also demoralizing and crazy-destructive.  I can't rationalize enjoying or supporting something that makes cheating so accessible--I can't have it in my head at all.

So, take a hike Smash.  It could have been beautiful, especially with the adoption story line potential.

Anyway, I don't do cheating unless we're talking diets.  Then you can consider me Hollywood!  (Hmm...I'm having a huge and sudden craving for bacon...)

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