Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Post Where I Tell You What to Do

It probably won't be the last time I try to tell you what to do, either.  I'm bossy like that.

Tonight's rant is brought to you by my grief and regret.  The letters G and R?  Anyway...

Do you know someone with a terminal illness?  Or who has had an extended hospital stay?  Or someone who has chronic pain?

Well, based on my experience with both of my parents, I can tell you this: as long as it doesn't bring them more physical pain, they are starved for human contact.  They don't just want it, yearn for it, they need it.  You can address this so easily, but might not think to do so.  Take their hand.  Give them a hug.  Crawl into the hospital bed with them.  Just let them feel connected to you physically.  It will help them so much mentally, spiritually, emotionally.  And in the end, it will help you just as much.

I'm remembering all of the times my parents reached out for my hand.  I held their hand for awhile, sure.  I mean, I'm not a monster, right?  Right?  But I'd always let go so that I could talk with my hands, or get up and pace, or show them something new I'd discovered.  Something that doesn't mean anything now.  Now that I can't hold their hands.

As I said, tonight's rant is brought to you by my grief and regret.  Please, please, please make sure it's not yours as well!

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