About Heather

Hey there!
Thanks for stopping by the blog.   I’m happy you are here!
Let me introduce myself:
I’m a Christian, stay-at-home mom, wife, and musician.
I’m a member of Forte: I play violin, arrange music, handle the music library, and I also happen to be the IT go to person.  I used to be a web developer/business analyst for a small Christian publishing company.
I have four tats: a wedding ring, a Jesus fish on my foot, an anchor  on the side of my heel, and a sun on my shoulder.  The ring is for my hubby (duh), the fish is for my faith, the anchor is for my sister (who has a matching anchor), and the sun is for my son.  It’s a tribal sun on the front of my shoulder, where he likes to rest his head, and it says “my only sunshine” underneath.  I sing him that song at bedtime.
My husband is awesome.  We've been married almost 15 years.  He’s a project manager by day, and a super-dad, general handyman, and PlayStation aficionado by night.
I’m pretty much unbeatable at Rockband.  My favorite instrument on that is all of them, although I’m still working on mastering the keytar or guitboard (whichever name you prefer).
I am completely addicted to taking baths.  The local Lush store clerks practically cheer when I walk through the door.  My bathroom typically smells like a hippy (all green and earthy), only without the b.o.
I have a craft room in my house.  It’s supposed to be mine, but the whole fam likes to hang out there.  It’s horribly messy, has candy in random hiding spots, and has at least 6 works in progress at any given time.  My computer is in there, so that’s where I do all of my music and interweb stuff.  It’s neither organized nor decorated, but it’s still one of my favorite rooms.
I often spend the entire day in my workout clothes.  Or pajamas, if workout clothes seem too dressy.  Just to clarify, I rarely work out in my work out clothes.  Or at all.
We have one open adoption, and are totally open to more.  But we shall see…
I was adopted.  I recently made a huge decision, at least for me, and had my DNA tested through AncestryDNA.  While it was a bit crushing to find out I’m not Native American (like I thought I was), it is fascinating to see where my biological ancestors are from.
I don’t update this very often, but when I do, I’m pretty proud of it.
I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up…but I still have a while to figure that out!

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