Thursday, October 6, 2011

In-Laws and Out-Laws

I've made mention of my in-laws before--they're really the ideal in-laws.  Supportive but not meddling and sweet as all get out (even if my father-in-law is on the ornery side).  Here's an example video:

Aren't they cute?  This video was shot at a talent show at their church.

Standing there, smiling
We got to take some family pictures for our adoption book recently, and I wanted something fun.  We started out with the "standing there, smiling" poses, and then moved on to dancing and karate.  It was hilarious, and I was very happily surprised at how well everyone joined in.  No one was worried about feeling or looking stupid, and we ended up with some great pics!  Here's my favorites:

Bust a move!

A little lightning, a little thunder

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