Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Just a Girl Going through the Process of Adoption

So.  As much as I enjoy working in a male-dominated profession and get along best with guys, it turns out I'm still a girl. Stereotypically prone to bouts of irrationality and mind changing.  I proved that point last week when I cried (I'm talking buckets of tears) on my boss when he questioned my logic behind a bit of code--he wasn't even being mean!  Poor guy--he had no idea what to do with me!

Do guys understand about the benefits of a good crying jag?  I think I had gone much too long without one!

And what has me so stressed out?  I'll tell you what.  It's a really exciting thing!

See what I mean?  We're going nuts!
We had our home study yesterday.  Whew!  I'm telling you, Thad and I were total wrecks.  We had to have EVERYTHING cleaned, and all started projects completed.  You know, because the social worker was going to walk through our house with the white gloves checking for specks of dust.

Then of course, she was totally cool.  It was two-and-a-half hours of being interviewed, and five minutes of showing her the house.  But, our house is totally clean.  And the home study visit is over.  *sigh of relief*

I have projects to post, but I need better pictures.  Also, I want to post some pics of my craft room, or girl cave, since it's actually clean.  It may never be so clean again!

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