Sunday, May 27, 2012

NikkiAnne Lolita

I'm gonna start introducing you to my family.  First up is not our new son, but someone he's gonna spend a lot of time with.

This is Nikki.  I call her NikkiAnne Lolita (because I'm weird like that).  She was adopted twice--once by her parents, and then another time (informally) by our family.  She has an incredible story--I'll see if she'll post it on here someday.

She dotes on Wilson--she calls him either Squirt or Mister-Mister (in baby talk).  She's a pro at changing diapers, heating up bottles, and she comes over on Wednesday nights to take care of Wilson so Thad and I can sleep.  Sounds pretty great, right?

She's also a bad influence on me, though--she's my piercing and tattoo buddy.  We are really good at coming up with some bad ideas!

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