Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There's a Crib in My Crib

My mother told me that we are like every other first time expecting parents. We can't stop ourselves from buying baby stuff! Well, especially when we find great deals that are hard to pass up! ;-)

My wonderful mother-in-law, who has been such a great supporter of our adoption process (my parents have been amazing too, of course), wanted to get our little one his crib. So, the three of us headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart. We knew what style of crib we wanted to get, we just couldn't figure out the color. I think that with the colors in the nursery, we picked out a crib that will look really good.

As a future father I couldn't wait to put the crib together. I've heard horror stories from other fathers about how difficult cribs can be to assemble. So, I wanted to document the process. But then the crib assembly was a piece of a cake!
1. The box snugly fit into our car. We also got the rails to turn the bed into a toddler bed.2. I had to get organized and make sure I had all the parts.
3. Next, assemble the back piece.4. Attach the back, sides, and springs.

5. Yeah! It's complete with a homemade baby quilt from his Great Grandma Olson.

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