Friday, September 9, 2011

Where I Say Goodbye to Bleu

So, I initially said that I was going to use this blog as a public diary of sorts.  Something awful happened recently, and I then decided that I wasn't going to blog about it--no one wants to hear me whining about life!  But then, what kind of diary is that?

So here goes.  I'm gonna whine.  Skip this post if you don't want to hear about it.

We had to put our dog down the other day (9/6/2011).  I'll be honest--I'm both torn up and relieved.  She was 11 years old, and had recently (within the last couple of years) developed a debilitating fear of thunderstorms and "unexplained" loud noises.  Like the woodpecker in our back yard.  When she was scared, she'd tear up our house.  It was hard not to resent her when we had to rip up half of our newly laid music room flooring and replace it because she'd scratched it up.

But then she'd do something sweet and cute, like bring her ball over to play.  I loved kissing her little snow nose--she'd only put up with that for a very little while.  When she was younger, we'd play keep-away.  When we got going fast she'd literally do flips to try and get the ball.

I'm going to miss having a companion in my craft room to trip over, her surprise jumps on the bed for a cuddle, and the way she'd sneak into my bathroom to make sure I wasn't drowning in the tub during an extra long bath.  I'm going to miss her sassy attitude and low, growly howls.

But it's not all bad.  I'm not going to miss having a house full of white dog fur because she shed all the time.  (Siberian Husky--need I say more?)  I'm going to look forward to the next thunderstorm, since she won't be scared anymore.  I'm going to rent a carpet shampooer, and appreciate not having unidentified dog messes everywhere.  And maybe I'll get a rabbit, since Bleu won't be around to eat it.

And, I'm thankful for the reminder that life, whether you're canine or human, is fleeting.  You've got to grab every opportunity to kiss your loved ones on the nose while you can.

What I really want to say is goodbye, baby girl.  I loved you well.
R.I.P Sacre Bleu (5/26/2000 - 9/6/2011)

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